So many questions about the Mordialloc Freeway

The #RAMF association are representative of different interest groups from Aspendale Gardens, Mordialloc, Chelsea, Braeside, Edithvale, and Dingley here in the beautiful suburb of Kingston. All agree that the ramifications on environment, social and community health out weighs the supposed economic benefit of a freeway. A great article has been written by Tricia Anne Stewart  on the benefit of urban opens spaces in the conversation. Its about time urban planners begin looking at the social costs of bulldozing green open spaces, wetlands, bush lands and grasslands.

In terms of the Mordialloc Freeway an environmental impact statement has not been undertaken as far as we know. RAMF association have certainly not been provided with any notice of times, conditions, who or what will be surveyed. RAMF have not been consulted about the type of project, the placement, the location, the environmental impact, the habitat impact, the sound, light or pollution created in urban surrounds.


green wedge

According to government sources Vic Roads have been working with Melbourne Water for some time. We have not been provided any detail of these discussions nor have residents been invited to participate in the environmental impact discussions.

The environmental impacts stand on their own. The ramsar listed Edithvale Wetlands is a mere 500 meters from the proposed building site. The Green Wedge and Edithvale Wetlands provide a very important role not only in the protection of bird life that migrate each year but also to our local ecology.  Like the Green Triangle (part of the South East Green Wedge) that is proposed to become a Mordialloc Freeway, the Edithvale Wetlands assist in the natural control of flooding.

There are still so many questions that have not been answered. Why has this projects details been so confidential? Why have the congestion facts around this project not been released? Why have alternatives not been considered? This project is shrouded in secrecy. Apart from the fact that we are constantly reminded it has been planned for over 40 years and a reservation was set aside, no other details have been provided to the public. We need the answers to these key questions. Residents have been told this development will ease all the localised congestion. But what about the facts. There have not been any. No traffic counts provided, no relative comparison with previous counts and impact on alternate routes, no study released on alternatives. No facts what so ever. This proposed freeway will not solve the headaches they currently experience locally, but extenuate them, while at the same time loose an ecology that will be worth more in the future than this uneconomical freeway.







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